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29 September 2009 @ 10:44 pm
A Pitch  
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A pitch for a SNL sketch.

“Comme Ci, Comme Ça” is a send-up of a traditional sitcom starring First Ladyof the United States Michelle Obama and her best friend, First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The sketch begins with Michelle and Carla making catty comments about the other first ladies in the bathroom of a banquet hall where a dinner for G20 leaders is being served. Carla is exceptionally vicious, and while Michelle playfully scolds her, she can’t help but agree. As they exit the lav, First Lady of the United Kingdom Sarah Brown explodes from one of the stalls in tears. She says “I’ll never be one of the beautiful ones!”, or words to that effect. Smash cut to ~ a title sequence for Michelle and Carla’s sitcom, titled “Comme Ci, Comme Ça!” with one of Carla’s pop hits playing underneath. After the credits, a brief satirical ad for Goldman Sachs. Fade into Michelle outside of the banquet hall looking worried. A secret service agent approaches her and tells her that they’ve looked all over for Mrs. Sarkozy, but have found no trace of her. All of a sudden, Carla stumbles out of the shrubbery, half-drunk. Michelle chides her for this display, but Carla, no shrinking violet snaps back. Alcohol has changed her from the prim and proper stateswoman that we’re used to into Patsy from AbFab. “I used to party with Mick Jagger and Karl Lagerfield, now I have to pretend that I’m in love with some pompous troll! What kind of life is this?”she screams. A maître d’ informs Mrs. Obama that Mrs. Sarkozy has given the president of Burkina Faso a fat lip, and defiled the Lombardi trophy. Michelle reminds the maître d’ that she is a lawyer and that in the process of getting Carla out of this mess she’ll “make Vincent Bugliosi look like Marcia Clark.” Michelle steps over to Carla, who is now retching into a sewer. Michelle begins to chide Carla again, but Carla sheepishly and ashamedly cuts her off, letting her know that “she won’t make another XYZ affair out of this whole thing.” Michelle apologizes for being so judgmental, to which Carla replies, “Mon cher, you’re the greatest.”

It needs work, but I think it’d make it on the air.
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