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21 August 2009 @ 07:35 pm
One Punch !  

What popular / acclaimed art did you come to too late in life to really enjoy?
~ The Onion AV Club

Since I've been (no easy way of putting this) not blogging recently, I've had to seek out some foreign stimulus to get me writing here again. It's come in the form of a question posed by The Onion AV Club, an always reliable touchstone when it comes to food for thought.

Believe it or not, my mind immediately went to comics when I posed this question to myself. The question wasn't should I choose a comic, but which comic would I choose? I grew up a Marvel fan, and due to limited funds and interest, I stayed away from the DC universe for whatever reason. Looking back, I don't know why I would have favored one over the other. Both universes had the same kind of characters, both were being written by brilliant writers and being illustrated by amazing artists. But for some reason Marvel Comics managed to get to me first, in spite of the fact the DC had the more popular characters at the time. There were far more Superman and Batman movies to go to when I was a kid than Iron Man or X-Men movies. Maybe that's why, the characters smacked of the outré. While everyone new about Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, not everyone knew of Tony Stark or Steve Rogers yet. It gave me instant insider status, in my own eyes at least.

So I didn't get to Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis' Justice League until recently, which is a shame because it's something I would have enjoyed greatly when I was young. It featured superheroes behaving silly, skewering the tropes while not betraying them. Also, when I look at Guy Gardner now it's like looking in a mirror, at least physically, and maybe also because of his short temper. Maybe if I got to this book when I was young I could have learned to not be like him a little quicker. Seeing him laid out by Batman as seen above might have gotten the message across. It's a shame that when I read it now, that I'm not reading it with fresh eyes, and a more childlike sense of humor. But it's still pretty great. Maybe I'll hold on to it for my hypothetical children, because I'm sure they'd love it. Comics are supposed to be fun, at least if part of their audience is kids, so superhero comics must have fun in spades.
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