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02 January 2010 @ 06:36 pm

I have to admit that it's tough for me to crap all over Ayn Rand when I haven't read more than a few hundred words of her writing. I could be basing my dislike on a few out of context quotes, but when your philosophy seems to boil down to "every man for his (or her) self" it's difficult to be patient. It's hard to comment on a given work intelligently if it makes you angry to the point where you can't actually force yourself to sit through it.

Reddit, the website that the above image is pulled from, has a demographic that skews towards students, which gives me hope. However to suggest that a person should read nothing as opposed to say, anything, is obviously self-defeating. Instead of suggesting someone should avoid reading a specific book, maybe you should suggest that they read a specific book in its stead. The forth book on the list was Brave New World, which would be great, and further down at sixth was Calvin and Hobbes, even better.

Interesting note, for a long while I believed that the RAND corporation had named itself in tribute to the author. The use of all-caps should have been a dead giveaway to the name being an acronym, but you have to admit there are some eerie parallels.
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